Do You Have Stinky Skylights?

Fiber Bloom Building managers and owners are typically surprised that skylight can stink, horribly, but have no idea what causes this unpleasant condition. Fiberglass skylights are protected from the elements by a coating sometimes referred to as “gel coat”. The coating has a UV blockage component to help prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the fiberglass … Read more “Do You Have Stinky Skylights?”

Daylighting and Health

The Health Benefits of Daylighting Plants aren’t the only living organisms that metabolize sunlight, we human beings do too. While the relationship daylight exposure and our health isn’t simple, it is important to know. Most people are aware of the risk of skin cancer from long exposure without protection, a number of studies and scientists … Read more “Daylighting and Health”

NFRC And Daylighting

NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is a third party entrusted by the building code to verify that all manufactures are providing information based on the same testing standards. NFRC and daylighting go hand in hand. They help regulate and unify the daylighting product sector, enabling the architect or designer to use the best product possible … Read more “NFRC And Daylighting”