Do You Have Stinky Skylights?

Fiber Bloom Building managers and owners are typically surprised that skylight can stink, horribly, but have no idea what causes this unpleasant condition. Fiberglass skylights are protected from the elements by a coating sometimes referred to as “gel coat”. The coating has a UV blockage component to help prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the fiberglass … Read more “Do You Have Stinky Skylights?”

Chase Bank of Loveland

A Pyramid Skylight Retrofit Will Provide Improved Daylighting The Chase Bank building in Loveland, CO has four low-rise pyramid skylights. The bank has experienced problems with these skylights over the years. Gaskets failing, condensation problems, and popping noises were a just few of the constant problems. The biggest complaint, however, was the quality of the light and the … Read more “Chase Bank of Loveland”

Lakewood Mall Retrofit with Quadwall

Los Angeles area mall reduces glare and daily energy expenditure with CPI Daylighting’s Quadwall® panels Bright spots, dark patches and solar heat gain plagued suburban Los Angeles’ Lakewood Center for decades, causing a rise in the mall’s HVAC costs and energy expenditure. In 2010, the then 60-year-old mall began a 4-phase renovation over the next … Read more “Lakewood Mall Retrofit with Quadwall”

Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Utilizing Aluminum in Green Applications without internal supports For archi­tects and custom­ers interested in green building, aluminum’s non-corrosive nature means the struc­tures are going to last and elimi­nate maintenance costs; saving mon­ey and imparting green benefits. CST Covers Grace Ferretti, manager of Architectural Sales for CST Covers, said, “We utilize aluminum as a material of … Read more “Aluminum Free-Span Structures”