Daylighting Always A Compromise

Daylighting is always a compromise. How much light do you need vs. how much solar heat gain can you accept. When considering a daylighting system there are three main performance measures. Light Transmission U Factor SHGC The more light transmission you require will result in more solar heat gain. Reducing light transmission to reduce solar … Read more “Daylighting Always A Compromise”

UniQuad Makes a Big Impact for Two New Aquatics Centers

Light Plays a Big Role at Two New Aquatic Centers in Suburban Vancouver, BC Surrey, BC is a small but growing suburban community outside of Vancouver that is growing into a more fully equiped modern city. The city leaders tasked Bing Thom Architects and Hughes Condon Marler Architects with designing two new cultural hubs for … Read more “UniQuad Makes a Big Impact for Two New Aquatics Centers”

Commercial Flat Roof Daylighting Solution

The Velux Commercial Sun Tunnel for a Commercial Flat Roof Getting cost-effective daylighting into a commercial building can be a challenge, especially when most have a commercial flat roof. Velux Commercial Sun Tunnels are a great potential solution. Why Velux Sun Tunnels? The Velux SunCurve diffuser is designed to capture light at all times of the … Read more “Commercial Flat Roof Daylighting Solution”

Richmond Olympic Oval Is Awarded with IAKS/IOC All Time Award

The Richmond Olympic Oval Is Only North American Sports Facility Awarded with IAKS/IOC All Time Award The Richmond Olympic Oval, the signature venue from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games – and a venue that has 63,000 sq. ft. of CPI’s Quadwall® – has received the All Time Award from the International Association of Sports and … Read more “Richmond Olympic Oval Is Awarded with IAKS/IOC All Time Award”

Saving Energy With a Good Daylighting System

Properly designed daylighting systems save energy and costs Artificial lighting requires large amounts of energy and can represent as much as 50% of the electricity consumption of a building. Artificial lighting also generates a large amount of heat. When a good daylighting system is considered in the design phase the HVAC system can be reduced … Read more “Saving Energy With a Good Daylighting System”