Daylighting and Health

The Health Benefits of Daylighting Plants aren’t the only living organisms that metabolize sunlight, we human beings do too. While the relationship daylight exposure and our health isn’t simple, it is important to know. Most people are aware of the risk of skin cancer from long exposure without protection, a number of studies and scientists … Read more “Daylighting and Health”

Pentaglas Lights Up Akron Children’s Hospital

Interactive daylighting & color changing LEDs help heal at the Akron Children’s Hospital Using LED light boxes to illuminate 14,500 sq-ft of CPI Daylighting’s Pentaglas® panels covering a new five-story parking garage, the Akron Children’s Hospital hopes to heal through color. “The panels have helped make the parking deck a real landmark in town. The first … Read more “Pentaglas Lights Up Akron Children’s Hospital”

Daylighting Helps Healing

Evidence-based design teams determine that light and color effect healing. Evidence based design has determined from studies that color and light do shorten healing time. Natural light aids healing including reducing pain medications needed by 22%. Check out the video link below for more information. Fox News: Daylighting Helps Healing