Daylighting and Health

The Health Benefits of Daylighting Plants aren’t the only living organisms that metabolize sunlight, we human beings do too. While the relationship daylight exposure and our health isn’t simple, it is important to know. Most people are aware of the risk of skin cancer from long exposure without protection, a number of studies and scientists … Read more “Daylighting and Health”

Commercial Flat Roof Daylighting Solution

The Velux Commercial¬†Sun Tunnel for a Commercial Flat Roof Getting cost-effective daylighting into a commercial building can be a challenge, especially when most have a commercial flat roof. Velux Commercial Sun Tunnels are a great potential solution. Why Velux Sun Tunnels? The Velux SunCurve diffuser is designed to capture light at all times of the … Read more “Commercial Flat Roof Daylighting Solution”

NREL Technical Daylighting Report

A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants Daylighting report on the effects of daylighting in offices, schools, retail and industrial locations. Occupants in daylit and full-spectrum office buildings reported an increase in general well being. Specific benefits in these types of office environments include better health, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, … Read more “NREL Technical Daylighting Report”

Daylighting Study Reports by Heschong Mahone Group

Daylighting Reports for Offices, Schools and Classrooms, Retail Sales and Human Performance The attached link below lists six Daylighting Reports: Windows and Offices Windows and Classrooms Daylight and Retail Sales Daylighting in Schools – PG&E 1999 Daylighting in Schools – Additional Analysis Skylighting and Retail Sales – PG&E 1999 ¬†Skylights were found to be positively … Read more “Daylighting Study Reports by Heschong Mahone Group”