Daylighting Economics

The Potential Energy Savings are Substantial

The potential savings with proper daylighting economics are significant for commercial or even residential applications. A study was conducted with a few typical commercial building types and using 1998 energy costs, weather conditions from the San Bernardino Valley, and many default assumptions. An average grocery store might save about $16,000 per year in operating costs, or $0.32 per square foot with the use of an appropriately sized skylighting system. A typical elementary school might save about $7,500 per year in operating costs, or $0.23 per square foot. An industrial processing and distribution center might save about $0.12 per square foot. As new knowledge become available, we will continue to update and provide more information. Read on below!

More on the Economics of Daylighting:

DOD and LEED Certified Buildings

May 15, 2013

The Defense Department will not be allowed to use any money to certify its buildings LEED Gold or Platinum, under a law President Obama signed Dec. 31 2012 The National Defense Authorization Act also requires DoD to submit a report to Congress analyzing the cost-effectiveness of LEED certifications and the standards set by the American Society ... Read more

IntelaSun – Controlled Daylighting

February 20, 2013

The most extensive knowledge base of controlled daylighting resources and design Ideas Intelligent glazing system gauges the sun’s position in the sky, and then dynamically manages the desired sunlight, solar heat, and sun-shading inside the space. IntelaSun provides more daylight in the winter, morning, late afternoon and on dark gloomy days, and less daylight in the summer ... Read more

American Architecture Review

February 6, 2013

CPI Daylighting is honored for their innovative design and products The most innovative development in recent skylighting history is IntelaSun by CPI Daylighting. Being able to control the light in spaces such as renovated schools, indoor training facilities for sports teams, malls, and hospitals is crucial for proper design and use. Dynamic daylighting equals: Control of Daylight Solar Control Low ... Read more

National Fenestration Rating Council

January 14, 2013

Yossi Vinograd with CPI Daylighting assists NFRC in setting daylighting standards Yossi Vinograd, principal of CPI Daylighting, served as Chair of the Translucent Panel VT Task Group, assigned to develop a procedure for determining translucent fenestration product visible transmittance at normal incidence. The committee addressed missing data on the NFRC website pertaining to the Visible Transmission ... Read more

Architectural Support for Daylight Consulting

August 20, 2012

CPI Daylighting offers a LIVE CHAT feature providing architects an immediate response to even the most technical questions. CPI Daylighting has created a new department to provide technical support to architects and our sales representatives in a quick and timely manner. The new department, appropriately named Architectural Support, is overseen by Melissa Martinez, whose title is ... Read more

American Architecture Daylighting

July 30, 2012

Video on CPI Daylighting from American Architecture   Controlled Daylighting, Skylights, TopLight Skylights, Wall-Lites, Canopies, Walkway Covers, Daylighting Retrofit Read more

Daylighting Technical Data

July 22, 2012

One Source Stop for Information on Daylighting Design Rarely do you find as much accurate and up to date information on daylighting in one place. Check out the link below to help you solve any of your daylighting dilemma’s. A wealth of information ranging from Intelasun, a product which allows you to control the daylight, to ... Read more

CPI Daylighting Website

June 13, 2012

CPI released a new website 6/1/2012 Polycarbonate translucent panel systems for skylights, top lites, or canopiesCPI pioneered the use of polycarbonate translucent panel systems for architectural use more than two decades ago, and has followed up by driving daylighting innovation with specialized architectural products. CPI can be your sole source for Daylighting, ranging from translucent polycarbonate ... Read more

NREL Technical Daylighting Report

January 13, 2012

A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants Daylighting report on the effects of daylighting in offices, schools, retail and industrial locations. Occupants in daylit and full-spectrum office buildings reported an increase in general well being. Specific benefits in these types of office environments include better health, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, financial savings, ... Read more

Daylighting Dilemma

November 9, 2011

How to design a daylighting project without the worry of too much or too little light The daylighting dilemma is how do you design a large enough skylight to bring in adequate light during the winter months without bringing in too much light and heat during the summer months? The answer is simple, design a daylighting ... Read more