Failed Fiberglass Skylight at Quabbin Regional High School

Decade old fiberglass skylight failure and successful poly-carbonate replacement by CPI Daylighting

After only a decade, the translucent insulated fiberglass skylight at Quabbin Regional High School in Barre, Mass., had deteriorated beyond repair. Thermal and wind movements, repeated leaks and yellowing compromised the skylight’s ability to perform to the point that it was non-compliant with current energy and state building codes.

The fiberglass skylight is structurally unsound or otherwise in a condition seriously jeopardizing the health and safety of school children where no alternative [to replacement] exists.

Massachusetts School Building Authority

The product they had up there was outdated and it wasn’t worthwhile to put back. In our research, we found the CPI daylight system and we used it because we liked the detailing and that it didn’t rely on sealants. The energy value was just so much better and it looked better—it’s a slick looking product.

Elvin Phillips Boston Bay Architects, Allston, MA

The added insulation is just so much higher than the other products to consider with a thinner envelope. This is a huge skylight so the amount of energy mathematically that you save made a compelling argument. The school will probably make their money back on that within five to 10 years, that’s for sure.

Elvin Phillips Boston Bay Architects, Allston, MA

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