LEED and Daylighting

Earn LEED Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum

Today, conserving energy is more important than ever, both to help reduce the environmental impact and to help save the building owner money on operations.

LEED and Daylighting

Daylighting is one of the easiest ways to get LEED points for your project. Most of the points come from the Optimize Energy Performance Credit category. Heating and cooling are a large cost of daily operations and daylighting can play an integral role in optimizing energy performance. With ample and well placed natural lighting, using skylights or wall lights, you can reduce the need for artifical lighting drastically. With the proper type of daylighting, making sure it is well insulated and highly efficient, you can save money on having to heat or cool your building from solar heat gain or heat loss.

LEED Logo ProjectLEED in Daylighting Design

When designing a building, the LEED EQ Credit 8.1 for Daylighting and Views can be determined using software. A CG 3D model of the building is built, input and run through a daylighting simulation to ensure that the building meets LEED version 4 standards. This is currently set to a minimum requirement of 75% of the occupied area falling within the 25-500 foot-candle range during typical working hours.

To achieve the maximum LEED credits the architect must consider the daylighting requirements very early in their process. Skylight Specialists works to aid all architects in this process, we can provide information, experiential suggestions, and even run the daylighting study for the architect.

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