National Fenestration Rating Council

Yossi Vinograd with CPI Daylighting assists NFRC in setting daylighting standards

Yossi Vinograd, principal of CPI Daylighting, served as Chair of the Translucent Panel VT Task Group, assigned to develop a procedure for determining translucent fenestration product visible transmittance at normal incidence. The committee addressed missing data on the NFRC website pertaining to the Visible Transmission (VT) of certified translucent products. Since there was not a standardized test to measure the VT of NFRC certified translucent products, the information published on the organization’s website was not complete and each manufacturer could provide its own procedure. The Translucent Panel VT Task Group identified that the conflicting information stemmed from the fact the website listed both VT test data for U-factor per NFRC 100 as well as data for SHGC and VT per NFRC 200. The data was misleading to the consumer, and it also allowed manufacturers to misrepresent their product’s performance. The task group worked diligently and received approval to their recommended new procedure called NFRC 202 in a mere 15 weeks.

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