NFRC And Daylighting

NFRC-logoNFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is a third party entrusted by the building code to verify that all manufactures are providing information based on the same testing standards. NFRC and daylighting go hand in hand. They help regulate and unify the daylighting product sector, enabling the architect or designer to use the best product possible for their situation.

Building Code IECC C303.1.3 U factor of all fenestration products shall be determined in accordance with NFRC 100 and SHGC shall be determined in accordance with NFRC 200.


It’s critical that architects and specifiers utilize NFRC. NFRC enables architects builders and even homeowners to:

  1. nfrc-infoCompare the energy performance of different products on an apple to apples basis.
  2. Determine if products meet local codes and requirements.
  3. Make informed decisions about doors and windows as well as skylights that they buy.

Not following the NFRC codes can result in loss of LEED points as well as not meeting local and state codes.

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