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Polycarbonate translucent panel systems for skylights, top lites, or canopiesCPI pioneered the use of polycarbonate translucent panel systems for architectural use more than two decades ago, and has followed up by driving daylighting innovation with specialized architectural products. CPI can be your sole source for Daylighting, ranging from translucent polycarbonate panels to Controlled Intelligent Daylighting; from skylights and wall lights to canopies and walkway covers; from raw materials to design, manufacturing and installation.

CPI offers a full complement of custom and standard systems for a variety of applications, with options for color, style, configurations, light transmission levels, insulation, thermal performance, hurricane endurance and fire resistance. CPI can deliver a complete daylighting solution to enhance any architectural design.

NREL Technical Daylighting Report

A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants

Daylighting report on the effects of daylighting in offices, schools, retail and industrial locations.

Occupants in daylit and full-spectrum office buildings reported an increase in general well being. Specific benefits in these types of office environments include better health, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, financial savings, and preference of workers.

Franta and Anstead-1994

What is Daylighting?

Good daylighting brings natural diffused light into a building or space without allowing glare or heat gain

Studies have shown that people thrive when natural light is utilized.  They are more productive in office and manufacturing settings, learn better in schools, heal faster in hospitals, and linger longer and spend more money in stores.

The creation of daylighting systems mixes science and engineering to allow natural light into building spaces. Successful daylighting adds to the quality of life in the space and saves money on energy costs.  The light provided by a good daylighting system is visually pleasing while reducing solar heat gain and eliminating glare.  This results in lower electrical costs for both lighting and air conditioning while providing a healthy stimulating environment.

Daylighting Study Reports by Heschong Mahone Group

Daylighting Reports for Offices, Schools and Classrooms, Retail Sales and Human Performance

The attached link below lists six Daylighting Reports:

    1. Windows and Offices
    2. Windows and Classrooms
    3. Daylight and Retail Sales
    4. Daylighting in Schools – PG&E 1999
    5. Daylighting in Schools – Additional Analysis
    6. Skylighting and Retail Sales – PG&E 1999

 Skylights were found to be positively and significantly correlated to higher sales. All other things being equal, an average non-skylit store in the chain would be likely to have 40% higher sales with the addition of skylights

Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Utilizing Aluminum in Green Applications without internal supports


For archi­tects and custom­ers interested in green building, aluminum’s non-corrosive nature means the struc­tures are going to last and elimi­nate maintenance costs; saving mon­ey and imparting green benefits.

CST Covers
Grace Ferretti, manager of Architectural Sales for CST Covers, said, “We utilize aluminum as a material of choice and only aluminum in our structural solutions. The material’s extrudability, light weight, and strength make it the logical choice for exterior architectural ­applications.” CST Covers was formed from an acquisition of Conservatek and Temcor and is a “global leader in the production and manufacturing of covers for municipal, industrial and architectural applications, covering space creatively.”

Ferretti contin­ued, “For archi­tects and custom­ers interested in green building, aluminum’s non-corrosive nature means the struc­tures are going to last and elimi­nate maintenance costs; saving mon­ey and imparting green benefits.” CST Covers used aluminum with mastery to create the ethereal con­servatory dome at San Antonio, TX’s Halsell Conserva­tory

“The material’s recyclability is a huge benefit in green buildings,” said Ferritti. “Using materials with a high recycled content not only helps achieve LEED certification, but also means val­ue and green benefits at the structure’s end-of-life (which is years away), giving CST Covers’ leadership in innova­tive and lasting design.”