Retail Skylights Increase Sales Up to Forty Percent

Putting skylights into a retail location has shown a positive and significant correlation to higher sales.

A study by HMG found that remodeling to include retail skylights could increase sales up to 40%. They also found that a well designed skylight could save the retail location up to $0.66 per square foot on energy costs. Though the energy savings are nice, HMG reported that the increase in sales from incorporating retail skylights was at least 19 times greater but usually resided around 45-100 times greater.

The link between high consumer activity and skylighting occurred despite the fact that many of the customers interviewed stated that they were unaware of the presence of the retail skylights.

When interviewed, the customers reported that they frequent the skylit stores because of positive environmental feelings, such as stores feeling cleaner, more spacious, more open or brighter, and no seasonal variation was detected. Researchers concluded this suggested a long-term customer loyalty effect and not a short-term impetus on sales.

The increase in sales resulted in both more foot traffic to the retail location, and a rise in the number of average customer transactions.

The study reported customers purchased 1% – 2% more in the skylit stores.

The retail skylights also benefited the employees working in the location as well. They reported feeling happier and an increase of moral, better customer service, increased productivity and a decrease of missed shifts and sick days.

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