Retractable Skylights

Terms that describe a skylight that can open.

    • Opening Skylights
    • Bi-Parting Roofs
    • Bi-Parting Skylights
    • Movable Skylights
    • Sliding Skylights

One request of architects, that is a bit unique, is to have the ability to look out the ceiling or roof with unobstructed views to the world outside. This is best solved by using a skylight. One of the more popular areas to open is over swimming pools. We have seen products that are as simple as wheels attached to a frame with tracking and a garage door opener to more elaborate structural components as you’ll find in the link below. We have installed and repaired many of these systems and in many cases take them out and install a standard fixed skylight that doesn’t open anymore.

The Rooftop has a warm industrial aesthetic for which the OpenAire skylight was a perfect complement. The massive skylight brings the outside in and vice versa, while sheltering guests from the elements.

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