Skylight Hail Protection

Hail season in Denver is just about to start again, and protecting your skylights and home from hail should be something to take care of this summer. Colorado is in the top three worst hail states (link) and hail storms in the last 10 years causing almost 3 billion dollars in damage and the last storm in nov, 2014 causing over 200 million in damages alone (link).

If you have an acrylic domed skylight, a skylight wire cage is really the only way to help keep you skylights from breaking during a hail storm. Unfortunately, even these are not perfect, as a lucky strike between the cage could result in breakage. They also disrupt your roof line, are ugly, and some HOA’s may not even allow them.

Our recommendation, is upgrade to a Velux skylight. The Velux flat glass is impact rated, and has been extensively tested to withstand even the fiercest hail storms and weather.

It might seem like a costly fix to a problem that hasn’t occurred, but replacing a current skylight to a velux curb mounted skylight is relatively cheap, quick and easy process. And is far cheaper than dealing with a broken skylight and the potential damages it can cause in a severe storm. If completely broken through, the rain and hail can ruin your drywall, carpets, furniture, any electronic or computer equipment, costing thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.

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