Daylighting Always A Compromise

Daylighting is always a compromise. How much light do you need vs. how much solar heat gain can you accept.

When considering a daylighting system there are three main performance measures.

  1. Light Transmission
  2. U Factor
  3. SHGC

The more light transmission you require will result in more solar heat gain. Reducing light transmission to reduce solar heat gain is not always the best trade off. A daylighting model may be necessary to determine the appropriate light level.

CPI LogoIn our research and experience, the best product for currently on the market is UniQuad by CPI Daylighting. UniQuad has the best light transmission percentage to solar heat gain in the industry. Coupled with Skylight Specialists Inc, they can also provide assistance with daylight modeling and studies.

UniQuad vs. Non-Removable Skin Systems

Not all daylighting is created equal! Glass, fiberglass and other non-removable building envelopes can’t compete with the UniQuad system.

Daylighting Technology Visible Light Transmission NFRC-100 Center of Glass U-Value
Glass (Clear/Dbl Glazed, 90% Argon Filled) 79% 0.48
FRP (Crystal/Crystal w/batt insulation) 30% 0.29
UniQuad (Clear Matte/Clear Matte, Air Filled) 50% 0.23

The UniQuad system is the best of both worlds – it will give you up to 50% LT with a U-Value of 0.2

Architectural Support for Daylight Consulting

CPI Daylighting offers a LIVE CHAT feature providing architects an immediate response to even the most technical questions.

CPI Daylighting has created a new department to provide technical support to architects and our sales representatives in a quick and timely manner. The new department, appropriately named Architectural Support, is overseen by Melissa Martinez, whose title is Manager of Architectural Support and with additional support from Sam Wheeler whose title is Daylighting Consultant.

Between Melissa’s degree in structural engineering, and Sam’s degree in architecture, the two have the knowledge and skill set to offer assistance with everything from practical design solutions to complete structural analysis.

CPI Daylighting Website

Polycarbonate translucent panel systems for skylights, top lites, or canopiesCPI pioneered the use of polycarbonate translucent panel systems for architectural use more than two decades ago, and has followed up by driving daylighting innovation with specialized architectural products. CPI can be your sole source for Daylighting, ranging from translucent polycarbonate panels to Controlled Intelligent Daylighting; from skylights and wall lights to canopies and walkway covers; from raw materials to design, manufacturing and installation.

CPI offers a full complement of custom and standard systems for a variety of applications, with options for color, style, configurations, light transmission levels, insulation, thermal performance, hurricane endurance and fire resistance. CPI can deliver a complete daylighting solution to enhance any architectural design.