The Pavilion at Ole Miss

CPI Daylighting’s UniQuad® translucent wall provides all the daylight needed to illuminate The Pavilion at Ole Miss

The 225,000-sq.-ft. Pavilion at Ole Miss seats 9,500 people and has brought a new energy to the University of Mississippi’s basketball teams and their fans – both literally and figuratively. The arena’s 252-ft.-long by 41-ft.-tall CPI Daylighting UniQuad® translucent wall brings daylight from a 50-ft. elevation
down to the stadium’s entrance and onto the arena floor, reducing the amount
of energy required to illuminate both spaces.

“The natural light that the wall lets in allows us to keep the arena floor lights off and still be have enough light to see, I think fans and students enjoy it because it gives the feeling that you are not in a traditional basketball arena.” – Brendan Dwyer, Arena Manager.

The Pavilion’s UniQuad translucent wall system was specified with ice white matte over ice white matte glazing panels, which illuminate the arena floor during both games and school performances with a glare-free light transmission of 36%, outperforming the architect’s initial requirements. In fact, there’s no need for electric light during the day at all, as the UniQuad system provides all the daylight that’s needed. “We were looking to bring diffused light into the arena without having the glare that would have been a nuisance to the players during an event,” said senior project architect Susan Fulton, AECOM. “The panels provide a diffused light and natural light for overall improved ambience of the space.” Engineered to meet all IECC and building code energy requirements, the well-insulated UniQuad panels boast a center of glass U-value of 0.23, and 0.26 per NFRC 100 for the complete system, which includes both the glazing and framing.

The UniQuad system is an assembly of two independent translucent insulated panels, resulting in one integrated, high-performance daylighting system. UniQuad is the only system that can provide indefinite building envelope protection with its removable exterior panel feature. The system is dry-glazed and assembled utilizing a mechanically interlocking connection that eliminates the need for vulnerable adhesives and sealants that can deteriorate over time. Scalable, the UniQuad system can also be configured with additional inserts to meet project-specific performance requirements. These options include, but are not limited to, additional insulation, dynamic shading, STC sound reduction, forced entry, and even military and DoD blast resistance. While the UniQuad system can have a completely flush exterior for clean, modern aesthetic, AECOM selected to add vertical mullions every 10 ft. for a more traditional look that paired nicely with the columns below. The Pavilion at Ole Miss also doubles as a University-wide multi-purpose facility, hosting other sporting events, concerts, University speakers, day-to-day student activities, and is home to both a food court and a 5-story parking garage. “It performs well,” says Fulton, of the UniQuad’s ability to minimize glare while simultaneously maximizing daylighting. And that’s critical because, as Fulton notes, “It’s a building for 365 days a year.”