Translucent Daylighting Get LEED Gold for Rocky Mountain Deaf School

LEED Gold Certification for Rocky Mountain Deaf School

The Rocky Mountain Deaf School in Jefferson County, Colorado, recently completed construction on their new building. Built using a $13 million dollar grant from the BEST Program, the new school will provide up-to-date technology and a deaf space building, designed to prepare each deaf student to be literate, academically successful, and a lifelong learner.

Translucent Daylighting

An important aspect of the new building was getting in as much daylighting as possible, while remaining cost effective. After consulting with Skylight Specialists, Inc, the architectural firm of Anderson Mason Dale decided to use CPI Daylighting’s Quadwall® Wall Lights.

Selecting an energy efficient Quadwall® system with higher light transmission allowed Anderson Mason Dale to optimize energy cost and reduce the overall size of the glazed area, saving on capital costs.

pdficon_large   Quadwall – U-Factors, Colors and Solar data


  • Natural daylight that is used in it’s best form, glare-free translucent daylighting.


  • Correct the daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Reduce dependence on electric lighting—increase energy savings.
  • Healthy, natural light in the space with soft translucent daylighting and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels  are easily replaced.
  • In work environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase productivity.
  • In classroom environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase students performance.

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